Minimalist Business & Productivity

As a minimalist, you will want to bring your minimal lifestyle into every part of your life including your work. If you ever feel like your inbox, desk, mind or schedule are too cluttered, these guides on simplifying your work life are a great place to start. Everything from digital minimalism to automating repetitive tasks can help you get more done at work. Here are our business & productivity articles and resources for minimalists.

Articles on Business & Finance

How to maintain a work life balance.

How to maintain life-work balance

Does your life feel chaotic? Hard to catch a break between work and what throws your way? In this guide, we go through how to achieve a life-work balance!

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5 small business bookkeeping tips to simplify accounting

Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner who feels your finances are more complicated than they should be? Most entrepreneurs struggle to keep up with their finances so here are 5 bookkeeping tips to help you simplify accounting.

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