How to build a capsule wardrobe, create a signature style and curate a closet you love

Want to learn how to thoughtfully assemble a collection of timeless pieces that work seamlessly together, and easily create outfits you love?

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These are some of the challenges our students expressed before they learned how to build a capsule wardrobe. Does this sound like you?

“I am literally wasting an hour in the morning trying to figure out what to wear … and another hour in the evening cleaning up the pile of clothes I left on the floor earlier. It’s getting ridiculous.”

“I work in fashion but no one thinks I do. Enough said.”

“If I had the extra funds to spend on a personal stylist I would in a heartbeat. I don’t, so need the next best thing.”

“I’m a C-suite executive and need to start looking the part. I believe my poor sense of style undermines my authority.”

“I just dropped a hundred bucks on a pair of shoes that ended up not matching anything in my closet. And of course I missed the return deadline. Yeah, and this happens regularly.”

“I love my style and regularly see celebrities in the shops I frequent (just to give you an idea of the types of brands I splurge on). But it was a wake up call when my mom called me out one day and said ‘Sarah, there is one big difference between you and them. They are millionaires and you are not.’ So I need to figure out how to maintain the look without the spend.”

“About to have a baby and we’re already cramped in a small one bedroom (if you can call it that) in Manhattan. I need to clear out my space asap.”

“I am never going to be a fashionista but that’s no excuse for looking dumpy. Even my poor husband is starting to give me the side eye, like Anna really?”

“The best word that describes me trying to get ready for anything? Frazzled. Actually, ‘dear in headlights’ would be a better description, because I am always at a lost when it comes to pulling together outfits.”

“I have been thinking of a way to do my part when it comes to sustainability — downgrading my spend on clothes seems like a meaningful contribution.”


Why do so many smart and successful people such as presidents, celebrities and entrepreneurs, opt to simplify their style?

Because it eases decision-making, allowing them to more efficiently allocate their precious resources (time, energy, money) to more important matters.

Unfortunately, many smart people still struggle with what to wear on a daily basis because they don’t know the secrets to perfecting their wardrobe.

However, when you learn the benefits of the Capsule Wardrobe method you can dramatically improve your sense of style and build a closet you’ll love.

We consulted with over a dozen personal stylists, decluttering experts and apparel brands to create a unique process that will help you save time, spend more wisely, and increase your confidence with a streamlined signature style.


You are in the right place if you can say yes to any of these statements:

  • I want to learn how to compose a variety of staple outfits from a small number of items that work seamlessly together.

  • I want to learn how to select quality fabrics that work best for me and understand how to care for them to increase longevity.

  • I want to create a palette of colors I love but also work well together so every piece can be mixed and matched effortlessly.

  • I want to understand how different fits and silhouettes work for my body type and the activities I typically engage in.

Simplify Your Style

Introducing a 9-step personal style course, developed by style, apparel and simple living experts, that will teach you how to build a capsule wardrobe.



  • Curate a beautiful and practical collection of only quality essentials that you absolutely love

  • Cease the unnecessary stress and daily frustration associated with a subpar closet and stop worrying about what to wear

  • Create a style that maps to your lifestyle (and life phase) so you look and feel polished no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going


This personal style course includes a 9-step process with supporting workbooks that will guide you through the journey of building your capsule wardrobe.

You will learn how to convey or express yourself through your style and identify the important elements of your routine and schedule that heavily impact how you dress.

We will show you how to use a variety of different resources to pull together an assortment of outfit inspiration that will serve as a visual roadmap to follow as you move through the rest of the process.

Evaluating your closet is an important step because you want to assess what you already have vs. what’s missing in relation to (a) your aesthetic and (b) your lifestyle needs.

You will use your inspiration board and closet evaluation to create a list of the essential items you want in your capsule wardrobe then take inventory of what you have vs. what you need to purchase.

Yes, as new resources are added the price will increase for new customers. Existing customers will have access to the new resources at no extra cost.

After you make your checklist, you will use our financial worksheet to set a budget before you go on a shopping excursion so you don’t break the bank.

You will learn how to craft a short list of brands that are feasible for you to shop from. That way, whenever you need to replace an item, it will save you time and effort because you already know where to turn.

With your checklist in hand and a clear breakdown of your budget you will be ready to go shopping. However there are a few tricks to use to ensure you don’t buy what you don’t need.

We will teach you how to choose the best fabrics and understand their care and maintenance needs.

After all this work you wouldn’t want you to revert back to a closet full of stuff you don’t adore, so we will show you how to refresh your wardrobe regularly.

Limited-Time Bonus Package ($199)

Simplify Your Style eBook — to get a summary of our process in book format

Personal Style Workbook — to keep track of your inputs and progress in one place

Minimalist Brand Directory — for standard, petites and plus-size

Private Style Board — we’ll invite you to our private board that has tons of style inspiration

Garment Care Guide — so you can save money by maintaining the longevity of your wardrobe



“I think I follow every minimalist style and capsule wardrobe website out there. I’ve read a bunch of blog posts and even a couple of books. Hands down, this is one of the best resources I’ve come across. Thank you SO much!”


“My wife sent me a link to this course. I thought she wanted me to buy it for her. So I did and she was like oh good, you start yet? Haha! Subtle feedback aside, after walking through your modules I see her point. ”


“I work in fashion and the temptation to “look the part” is intense. But I’m going broke trying to impress others! I appreciate that the course shows you how to build a practical and beautiful wardrobe. Super relevant in my situation.”


“Let me keep it real: I look a hot mess. I have zero sense of style and have always struggled with self-esteem issues related to my appearance. I’ve started the course and am SO excited to finally pull myself together!”



Develop your signature style and never worry about what to wear again


Simplify Your Style will guide you step-by-step through the process of building a capsule wardrobe and a signature style you love.

Simplify Your Style is a personal style course that includes 9 course modules and workbooks that guide you through the capsule wardrobe process so you can curate a closet you love.

You will have instant and lifetime access to the course.

If you enroll during the limited bonus period, you will receive a package valued at over $199 as outlined above.

Your program will be delivered via a sleek, stylish and secure online course interface. We also use various formats to teach the lessons you will learn, including thoughtfully crafted workbooks (in PDF format).

Think about it, the average person spends $2500 a year on clothing. If those clothes aren’t aligned with your lifestyle and style, then you probably waste several hours a week figuring out what to wear — and the energy you exert out of frustration can’t be quantified.

This course pays for itself 50x over because it saves you time, money and effort. If you do the work and complete the entire process the benefits are truly priceless.

You can pay for the program via Paypal or any major credit card. We use the two best payment processors in the world — Paypal and Stripe — to securely process your payment using the latest encryption technology. We also do not store your payment information.

There is no risk to taking the course. If within 14 days you show that you went through every module and still weren’t able to streamline your style, we’ll give you a refund.

You can pay for the bundle via Paypal or any major credit card. We use the two best payment processors in the world — Paypal and Stripe — to securely process your payment using the latest encryption technology. We also do not store your payment information.


〉9-Step Personal Style Process

〉Personal Style Workbook

Bonus Simplify Your Style eBook 

Bonus Minimalist Brand Directory 

Bonus Secret Style Board 

Bonus Garment Care Guide

〉100% 30-day Refund Guarantee

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