Minimalism In College: How To Simplify Your Life as a Student

College can be hectic and overwhelming from time to time, with classes, extracurricular activities, and sports events. College is a perfect time to set up routines and create time management skills. It can be difficult to maintain a minimalistic lifestyle when you’re constantly on the go and trying to balance a busy agenda. However, living minimally in college can actually help to reduce stress and improve your overall well-being.

Here are some tips for incorporating minimalism into your college experience:

Declutter your living space

As a college student, there is a high chance you have a small living space whether it’s a dorm or an apartment. There are so many ways to decorate a dorm or apartment, but the simplest and trendy style is minimalism. Start by decluttering your living space and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or has reason to keep. Living areas can get piling up with extra things you don’t use every day. Eliminate the items that don’t get put to use and are not necessary. This will create a clean space and a minimalist style dorm or apartment will feel refreshed and clean. This will not only make your living space feel more spacious and organized, but it will also make it easier for you to keep it clean and tidy.

Organize your wardrobe

College students often buy a lot of new clothes to keep up with the fashion trends, but this will only overflow your closet. It’s important to think about the clothing items you are purchasing before swiping that card because we often purchase the next trending item when soon enough it is not a trend anymore. Instead, focus on building a capsule wardrobe of versatile, high-quality basics that can be mixed and matched. This will not only save you money, but it will also keep your closet space neater and make it easier to pick out outfits in the morning.

Simplify your schedule

It’s easy to overbook yourself in college, whether it’s for classes, clubs, sports events, or work. This can be made easier by planning out your schedule and seeing what activities are truly important to you. Its important to manage your time in college because you never know what the week will bring with so many activities and events. The best recommendations for setting up a set schedule using a daily planner, to-do list, or sticky notes. If you are stressed and feel overworked it is okay to cut back on some commitments that don’t need to be prioritized at the moment. This will give you more time to focus on the things that really matter to you. This will also relieve some stress that comes with being overloaded.

Prioritize self-care

Self-care is essential for maintaining good physical and mental health, especially during stressful college years. Make time for activities that bring you joy, whether it’s going outside to exercise, reading a book, laying by the pool, or, getting a tattoo. Create a few hours out of each day to do something that releases your stress and where you can spend some time alone. It’s important to take care of yourself, so you can be at your best for school and other activities.

Invest in multi-purpose items

As a college student, you likely do have not a lot of space and resources in your apartment or dorm. Invest in items that serve multiple purposes, such as a bed that doubles as a storage space underneath, a backpack that can be used as a gym bag, or a couch with a pull-out bed. These items could be spendy for a college student but imagine the money it will save in the long run. Finding multi-purpose items can help with saving room and giving you more storage in your living spaces.

Practicing mindfulness

Minimalism is about living in the present moment and being mindful is a great way to practice. Take time each day to focus on yourself and be present at the moment. This can help you appreciate the things you have and avoid the thoughts of wanting more.

Living minimally in college can sound a little challenging, but it is possible to simplify your life and focus on what really matters. Minimalism is a process and there is no final destination to living minimally. You don’t have to be perfect, it’s about trying to improve your life to a simpler and easier lifestyle. You can always start with small steps towards a simpler and more fulfilling life as a college student.

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