Get a Bundle of 70+ Self-Improvement Courses

Self-Improvement Bundle Co

If I told you that you could get 111 different self-improvement courses for the price of one, would you think I’m crazy?

If so, you’d be wrong.

We are so excited to be included in the Bundle Co’s Self-Improvement bundle! This bundle will give you access to 111 of the best courses on the internet for less than $1 per course. Yeah, you read that right. Just $75.90 to access the bundle! To access all of these courses on their own would cost over $20,000.

Our very own Self-Care Routine is included in this list of courses. Being included in this bundle is extremely exciting for us because of the amazing folks we are being bundled with. Seriously. You can get access to some of the best course content for self-improvement out there in this course! Let’s take a look at some of our favorites that are also included.

Categories of Courses in the Bundle

First things first, we want to give you a quick overview of the different categories of self-improvement that you can dive into through this bundle. Keep in mind that if you find just one or two categories that pique your interest, it’s well worth it to invest in this bundle. You don’t need to want all of the courses because just purchasing one or two of these courses on your own can cost more than the bundle itself. I cannot stress enough just how good of a deal this can be for you!

So, let’s look at each category and some of the things you can learn in them:

  • Live Your Dream
    • Learn ways to improve your mindset in life
    • Guides to manifestation
    • Goal setting and how to achieve more through your goals
  • Healthy Lifestyle
    • General guides to living a healthy life
    • Nutrition courses to tailor your eating habits to your lifestyle
    • How to live a more sustainable life
  • Well Being
    • Self-Awareness so you can make better decisions for your life
    • Ways to be more confident in yourself
    • Self-care — this is where our course is(:
  • Mindfulness
    • Personal energetics guides
    • Implement a routine of meditation
    • Find healthier ways to manage stress
  • Relationships
    • Learn to coexist with a partner
    • Advice for having healthy and fulfilling sex
    • Financial tips and advice for singles and couples
  • Work
    • Prepare yourself to get hired
    • Tips for entrepreneurship
    • Advice for being more productive

Our Favorite Courses in the Bundle

The Ultimate Career Plan | Coach Candyss

Many times the career of your dreams is a lot closer than you think – it all starts with clarity, planning and action. This step-by-step guide will help you get organized and create tunnel vision around the things that propel you towards your career goals.

What you’ll learn:

  • Outlining your work-life map
  • Completing a specialized skills audit
  • Immediate and long-term action planning

The Confidence Masterclass | Paul Fishman

In this class, Paul will teach you everything there is to know about being confident and never feeling limited by your fear of what other people will think of you! Get ready to confidently be yourself, stop people-pleasing and finally speak your truth!

What you’ll learn:

  • Self-discovery and awareness
  • Self-love and acceptance
  • Self-expression

No More Codependent Thought Patterns | The Self Love Fix

Are you ready to help your inner child move out of old wounds of negative, codependent thinking? This class covers the roots of negative thoughts & self criticism stemming from trauma and will help you heal from negative thinking & self-criticism.

What you’ll learn:

  • The origins of your negative thoughts
  • Identifying your self-critical inner voice
  • Actionable ways to shift your thinking

Inclusive Strategies for Your Business | VP Wright

There is a movement going on right now, and you know you could do better, but how? You want to be an ally and support the lives of those not as privileged as you, but how? Well this thorough workbook will teach you how!

Key topics:

  • The foundation
  • The bias that you carry
  • Performative vs proactive activism

Money Mindset + Miracles Income Challenge | Alyssa Nobriga

This Income Challenge is designed to give you daily mindset tools, prompts, meditations and exercises to make more money. The first half is focused on inner freedom and in the second half starts to get into resourcefulness + action.

What you’ll learn:

  • Reprogram your Money Mindset
  • Experience More Freedom
  • Embody Your inherent Worth + Value

Morning Routine Program | Mimi Bouchard

Do you ever feel like you aren’t achieving enough? Do you crave more out of life? Do you want to be more successful, happier, and finally reach all of your goals? You’re only one morning away from a completely different life!

Key topics:

  • When should you wake up?
  • Goal setting the right way
  • Morning and nighttime routine

Procrastinator To Action Taker | A Girl In Progress

Is growing your creative business taking a longer than you thought it would? Reclaim 55 days of productive time each year with this proven 5-step method to stop putting things off and starting getting sh*t done TODAY!

What you’ll learn:

  • Remove obstacles
  • Plan like a pro
  • Keep your commitment

Sex Elevated | Everybody Elevated

Whether you’re long-time partners or new lovers, this workshop will elevate your intimate life. You’ll be guided on an 8 module journey to enrich, transform and strengthen your relationship – in and out of the bedroom.

Key topics:

  • Resistance & tension
  • Intimacy and healing
  • Sex as a practice

Tackle Your Debt 10 Week Program | The Fiscal Femme

If you feel like you’re running on a ‘pay down your debt’ hamster wheel, know there are better ways to handle your credit card. Create a sustainable and manageable plan to pay down your credit card debt for good without the shame and guilt.

Key topics:

  • How to track your progress easily
  • A roadmap for your spending
  • Calculator of annual points

Wellness Warrior Training | Whitney Lauritsen & Jason Wrobel

If you’ve been trying lots of things, but never really follow through consistently, it is time for to do something differently. Wellness Warrior Training is a 10 week program with fun and easy practices to help you thrive.

What you’ll achieve:

  • Eliminate the overwhelm
  • Feel more motivated daily
  • Develop positive habits

Goal-Setting Workbooks | Kate Eskuri

If you’ve been looking for a way to rock your to-do list, stay motivated, and achieve your goals, look no further. This special productivity system includes all of the tools you need to set yourself up for a better tomorrow.

What you’ll get:

  • a six-step ritual for achieving your goals
  • prompts for visualization & manifestation
  • prompts for productivity & motivation

Thrive: Food, Fitness & Life E-course | Diana Matuszak

Life without dessert is not a life you need to live! In this course you’ll learn to see through the fog of the ever-saturating diet advice and discover actionable, and easy to follow guidelines to find what balanced nutrition looks like for your body and lifestyle.

Key topics:

  • Macros 101 & how to use them (no counting!)
  • How to indulge in a balanced and healthy way
  • How to become the very best version of you

Again, we are beyond excited to be alongside all of these amazing folks included in the Self-Care Bundle by Bundle Co! If you have any questions on any of these courses feel free to contact us or to contact the Bundle Co team.

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