Why Investing in Quality Pieces Is Better Than Fast Fashion

When we shop, whether for clothes, appliances, or even food, we’re often forced to choose between quality and price. When we’re on a budget, we buy cheaper goods, perhaps sacrificing what we really want, to save money in the short term. But typically, this creates a false economy, is bad for the planet, and means that we’re never taking care of our needs fully. Never is this truer than with fashion. Over the last few years, more and more of us have turned our backs (or at least tried to cut down) on fast fashion, instead choosing more sustainable fabrics and environmentally friendly brands, and clothes that are a little more luxurious. Below is a look at some of the reasons why quality garments are better than fast fashion.

What is Fast-Fashion

Fast fashion is the term that we use for cheaply made and bought clothes that are typically made from basic fabrics and are of poor quality. We refer to it as fast because the clothes are mass-produced, shipped, and sold quickly, but also because they don’t last very long. The whole process is fast.

High-Quality Clothes are More Comfortable

You can buy cheap versions of almost everything. But they are poorly made, using low-quality materials. They could irritate your skin, scratch your feet, and even lead to rashes and blisters. Shoes might be very painful to wear in, but then immediately start to fall apart and damage your feet once you’ve broken through that initial pain.

Buying Converse and other brands, instead of cheaper options will keep you comfortable, both when you first wear them, and for the life of the product. You can browse the range for some comfy and stylish, high-quality options.

They Fit Better

Good quality fabrics that have been well made have a better shape. They’ll fit your body how they are meant to, giving you a nicer silhouette, and boosting your confidence.

They Clean Better

They’ll also hold their shape when they are washed. After a few washes, the seams in poorly made clothes seem to move, altering the hemline, and changing how the garment sits or hangs on your body. A higher-quality piece, as long as you stick to washing instructions, will come out the same shape as it was when you bought it.

You’ll also find the dyes in well-made clothes don’t run or fade like they do in fast fashion items.

They are More Durable

Higher-quality fabrics, and better workmanship, mean that quality garments are much more durable. They survive the wash cycle, but they also have a better chance of surviving a scrape or fall, and the general wear and tear of a busy lifestyle.

Other People Will Notice

Quality garments get noticed. People will tell you how great you look; they’ll ask where you bought your clothes, and they’ll admire your style. This can help you to make a better first impression and be crucial for things like a job interview. It will also boost your confidence, which could even improve your posture.

You’ll Reduce Waste

There are 92 million tonnes of textile waste sent to a landfill every year. Fast fashion doesn’t last. By buying less, and buying better, you are doing your bit to reduce this waste.

You’ll Save Money in the Long-Term

Fast fashion is appealing if you are on a tight budget. You can go out and buy yourself something new, without worrying about the price tag. If money is very tight, or perhaps you have young children, fast fashion isn’t always avoidable. But it’s not cost-effective. These poor-quality clothes might be cheap, but they won’t last. You’ll be replacing them after a few wears, and the low quality will make repairs impossible. This means that you’ll spend much more on replacements, in the same period that one luxury and well-made garment would last. Buying quality when you can afford it saves you money in the long term.

If you are on a very tight budget, you might want to stick to fast fashion for basics. But try to buy higher quality, even second-hand, for things that get a lot of wear and are more expensive.

You Might Even Be Able to Make Money

High-quality clothes last for a long time. This means that you can get a great bargain by buying them second-hand, but it also means that if you do fancy a change, or the clothes that you’ve bought no longer fit, you can sell them and make money, or donate them to charity.

Fast fashion is convenient. It’s cheap, we can buy it quickly, and throw it away once it has been worn a handful of times. Like many of our convenient habits, it’s terrible for the planet, more expensive in the long run, and generally bad practice. Moving away from fast fashion has many benefits, and even buying luxury products second-hand can be a fantastic investment.

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