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TED Talk Minimalism

Finding inspiration once is often easy, it comes to you without ever looking for it. True life change happens when you can continuously find inspiration to live a certain lifestyle. Unfortunately, it often takes more effort to find inspiration than it is to initially be inspired. One great way to find inspiration is through listening to those who have more knowledge or experience. Our favorite way to do this nowadays is watching TED Talks on Minimalism. 

These range from general minimalism TED Talks to how minimalism can improve your finances to, of course, creating a minimalist wardrobe. Whether you are a new or an experienced minimalist, each of these TED Talks will give you great insight into ways you can improve your life.

Best Minimalist TED Talks

So, let’s look at these minimalist TED Talks to gain inspiration, tools and more to become better versions of ourselves. They are organized shortest to longest.

1. Minimalism – For a More Full Life – Grant Blakeman

TEDxBoulder – 3:25

In his minimalist TED Talk, Grant Blakeman focuses on how finding negative space in life helps people live fuller lives. We see this in consumerism itself, the more options people have, the less they actually choose. So, if you want to live your life to its fullest, you must cut out the non-essential. This will allow you to focus greater on the things that truly matter to you and it will increase your happiness and your life’s fulfillment.

2. Less stuff, more happiness – Graham Hill

TED – 5:49

Graham Hill does not tell you in his TED Talk on Minimalism that you should stop buying things. That would be absurd. Instead, he advises that we should all stop buying stuff just to have stuff. His main idea is that instead of having stuff you don’t need, why not buy stuff that will increase your happiness and you will love for years. This is where less stuff will contribute to more happiness. 

3. The less you own, the more you have – Angela Horn

TEDxCapeTown – 12:57

In “The less you own, the more you have,” Angela Horn at TEDxCapeTown explains how owning too much stuff and being in debt can really hinder you. Instead of spending weekends doing chores, paying extra bills or worrying about budget, Angela expresses that minimalism can free up your weekend. You’ll be able to travel, do a weekend getaway or simply visit the spa on a more regular basis. 

4. The ten-item wardrobe – Jennifer L. Scott

TEDxStGeorge – 13:54

Ever look in your jam-packed closet with clothes you haven’t worn in months (or even years) and think to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!” Well, that is exactly what Jennifer addresses in her minimalist wardrobe TED Talk at TEDxStGeorge. She explains how we have been tricked into thinking the bigger our wardrobe is, the easier it will be to get ready in the morning when, in fact, the opposite is true. Think about it, if all the items in your wardrobe go with everything else in your wardrobe you don’t even have to think when picking items. Just grab something on top, something on bottom and some shoes and you are good to go.

5. A rich life with less stuff – The Minimalists

TEDxWhitefish – 14:57

Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn, AKA The Minimalists, address another common issue in today’s society, you need a career you hate and a bunch of unfulfilling stuff to be rich. In their minimalist TED Talk, they explain how becoming rich is a subjective idea rather than an objective truth. In order to be rich, you must strip down everything in your life that does not bring your value and focus on the things that fill you up. This could be investing in your community, traveling or anything else you find immense value in.

6. Tiny home, big life – an experiment in simple living – Erin & Dondi Harner

TEDxFrontRange – 15:28

In this TED Talk, a minimalist couple, Erin & Dondi Harner decided to transition into a tiny house. In order to live a simpler life, they decided to follow the 80/20 rule, taking the 20% of their household items that they use 80% of the time and they designed their tiny house around those things. They explain in their presentation that this rule allows them to not only build a tiny home but they are not just shrinking a regular house. Their tiny home is a simpler home that allows them to be much more intentional in life.

7. Tiny House Movement – Andrew Morrison

TEDxColoradoSprings – 16:46

Instead of looking at his own home like Erin and Dondi Harner did in the last TED Talk, Andrew Morrison explains we need to address the bigger picture. In his minimalist home TED Talk, he expresses his belief that we should start living in “human scale” rather than living in giant mansions. Human scale does not mean to stuff yourself into an outhouse, instead it is simply having all your housing needs met. Of course, this will look different for everyone. No matter what, this TED Talk is essential for minimalists.

8. Less – the lifestyle – David Friedlander

TEDxDumbo – 18:41

“Editing is the skill of this century” is the motto of David Friedlander’s minimalism TED Talk, “Less: the lifestyle.” To understand this, you must look at all of life like a rough draft of a book. Yes, there are some amazing elements but there are also some parts that just tend to ramble on and on. Here, David gets you edit your life down to the essential, whether that is your family, friends, job or something else doesn’t matter. Just get to it with little distractions.

9. Sell your crap. Pay your debt. Do what you love. – Adam Baker

TEDxAsheville – 19:19

If you got offered a better job in a different city or maybe even just lost your job, what is hindering you from changing your lifestyle for this really great or really horrible opportunity? In most cases, this comes down to the amount of “crap” you have in your life. Adam Baker addresses this in his TED Talk, encouraging us to adopt a minimalist lifestyle. Once you unclog your life of all the useless stuff you own, you will not be hindered to jump into the next stage of life.

10. Adventures with Minimalism and Happiness – Marty Stano

TEDxUMDearborn – 20:10

Marty’s TED Talk for minimalists is one of true inspiration. Once he was retracing his path to happiness, he realized much of his life he had slowly been adopting a minimalist lifestyle unconsciously. He dives into this realization and his story on becoming a minimalist and how you can find happiness through the lifestyle as well.

So, as you can see, there are many great inspirational stories out there whether you are questioning minimalism or are deep in a minimalist lifestyle. We recommend bookmarking this page or each of the talks you would like to listen to and come back to them over time. Sometimes things can get lost in bulk consumption so don’t watch them all at one time.

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