How to Simplify YouTube Promotion and Earn Money: Packages and Other Secrets for Minimalists

The growth of any YouTube channel starts from scratch. All the bloggers who are now at the peak of fame didn’t have thousands of subscribers, views, comments and likes, their pages were empty and little-known. Most of them didn’t even have thousands of dollars to hire a producer and promotion managers, just them, YouTube and their competitors. How did they become popular and start making money through videos? This is usually the fruit of their efforts, resources and time. 

It is generally believed that it is possible to achieve results here only through a long and thorny path, but this is an erroneous opinion. The truth is that any process can be simplified, made smoother, clearer, and achieve the same result. The same goes for monetization, a minimalist approach can yield promising results. There are always two ways – hard and long, or simple and fast. If you, like us, choose the second option, then this article is especially for you.

Today we’ll share four ways to grow your channel and monetize it, as well as talk about one of the best tools to accelerate audience growth, improve statistics and engagement – buying YouTube promotion packages for real minimalists who don’t want to spend a lot of time and aim to simplify their online life. Read on!

  1. Fill out your channel info 

One of the easiest ways to complicate your promotion, make it long and thorny is to start publishing content without  information about the channel. Such a small and simple step significantly slows down the process of attracting an audience and developing on the platform as a whole. Empty accounts without any information are channels without a face that look like “dummies”. That’s why we think it’s important not to skip this step. No matter how valuable, relevant and interesting your content is, without information it becomes less visible to the lion’s share of users and completely unattractive. 

Here are some tips for creating an impressive profile : 

  • One color palette. Most minimalists are aesthetes, show it in your profile too. Choose the color scheme that you like the most, create a banner and add the main photo. You can choose a minimalistic logo or your photo as the main image. It’s great if your face is in the image, in which case you’ll be better remembered by viewers, and they will begin to highlight your channel from others. 
  • Keywords in the description. In the best traditions of the minimalist, don’t add a lot of keywords and don’t write long sentences. Your description should consist of several simple and understandable sentences with the inclusion of some keywords (2-3 pieces are quite enough). By doing this, your account will be more optimized for search. 
  • Contact information. Are you aiming for cooperation, do you want to receive offers from companies or promote your other social pages? Don’t forget to add contact information (this may be your email) and links to personal pages on other resources. This will allow you to stay in touch with subscribers and potential advertisers.

2. Choose the best Google-friendly keywords

If you still think that SEO is something very complicated and long, you’re deeply mistaken. Yes, there is an opinion that SEO tools are created only for experienced creators who know how to work with keywords and include them in their content. In fact, everything is simpler than it seems. Google is a good assistant in terms of promotion, and if you spend quite a bit of time and effort, you’ll see how quickly your channel can grow and start making money. It’s no secret that search engine results are often offered as videos, and for you, as a creator, this is a great opportunity to find new viewers, expand the channel and monetize it. 

Where to start? 

There are several ways to find keywords – through Keyword Planner or autocomplete. Both of these methods are quite simple and understandable, but at the first stage you can focus on autocomplete – the platform itself will show you which videos are most often searched for on the site. 

Try different queries and use synonyms, sometimes the main query may not include the most popular keywords, and then your videos will be lower than competitors. 

Focus on the headlines of your competitors – analyze what words they use and how often. Based on this information, you’ll be able to create titles that will contribute to increasing the visibility of your videos. 

Don’t dive deep – take a few hours to analyze SEO, add keywords to titles and descriptions, and you’ll see the result.

          3. Try paid packages

One of the most effective ways to simplify the growth of a channel on one of the most competitive platforms in the world is to delegate. The advertising services market is booming, and providers are offering more and more effective tools for creators, and one of them is packages. 

What are packages? These are comprehensive bundles of service tailored specifically for content creators looking to enhance their visibility and simplify the path to monetization. These include subscribers, views, and comments. Usually they are weekly and monthly – that is, providers will regularly send you interactions for a certain time and improve channel statistics. 

You don’t need to do anything, all the responsibilities are assumed by the advertising company from which you placed the order. Moreover, it doesn’t matter the current size of your account – it can be an empty and new profile, or a channel with subscribers and some activity. Packages allow creators not to follow the promotion process and focus on other equally important things, such as creating content, communicating with the audience and sharing their videos on other platforms. 

What about monetization?

As you probably know, monetization is available only for those creators who have shown excellent statistics, engagement and a large subscriber base. Two main conditions for monetization: 1,000 subscribers or more, and at least 4,000 hours of views of your videos over the past 12 months. It is difficult to achieve such results through organic and natural ways of promotion, but using paid packages, you can reach these heights literally overnight.

  1. Upload Shorts

Another easy way to expand your channel and let it grow is Shorts. These are short clips that are similar to the content in TikTok and Reels on Instagram. It is known that such clips collect no fewer views than anything else. Plus, clip thinking – people often choose short and simple content rather than long and expert videos. 

That’s why the creators started creating Shorts too, and some even made them the main content on their channel. This strategy is even simpler in some ways – you can focus on short videos and not post long ones to your account. It works, in 2023, many influencers and entrepreneurs chose this path and gained fame. 

Is it possible to monetize short clips? 

Yes, you can, and this is one of the best news. However, one more thing is added to the main conditions: 10 million views of Shorts in the last 90 days. But it’s not that difficult – short clips often go viral and get a bunch of views, so this goal is easily achievable. The main thing is to publish regularly and don’t forget that the content should be your own, don’t copy fragments from other videos.

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