25 Minimalist Gift Ideas for Dad and Husband: Perfect for Any Occasion

A minimalist is someone who seeks to simplify their life by only owning things that are useful to them and by reducing clutter in their homes. The interior design minimalism trend exploded in 2022, bringing a cozy, stress-free home free from clutter. There are many health benefits to living a minimalist lifestyle. They include less stress, better overall well-being, healthier food choices, more space, and less time tidying your home. 

But selecting a gift for your dad or husband is hard enough. Whether you or your loved one is the minimalist, you know you must search for things they need that are useful, good quality and won’t sit around causing clutter in their home. We have compiled a list of 25 items so you can get your male minimalist the perfect gift they will love! 


Experiences are an excellent option for a minimalist because they won’t take up any space and will add something exciting to their calendar. You may need to do some research if you don’t know what activities they love, but here are some ideas to inspire you:

  1. A ski pass to a favorite resort or one your minimalist has never been to.
  2. A round of golf at a golf course they have never tried before. 
  3. Cleaning services. Most minimalists keep their homes very tidy, but anyone would welcome a deep clean! 
  4. The same goes for their car. A detailed service is a great option. 
  5. Select a book you love or one in a genre they love. If they don’t enjoy the clutter of books, you can also purchase one for their Kindle.  
  6. Purchase tickets to a concert or the theater to see a play or opera. 
  7. A massage or spa experience to help them unwind and relax. 
  8. Movie tickets. 
  9. Purchase a gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop. 

If you are still determining what activities they would enjoy, there is no harm in sitting down and asking them. You can also look for refundable options if they want to switch to a different activity. 


Minimalists may only use a few different hygiene products, but it’s likely that what they use will be something they are willing to spend a little money on. If you select a hygiene product, ensure it is something well made that they will enjoy using regularly, so it’s not just sitting in a drawer. Some great ideas include:

  1. A shaving kit like The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Travel Kit is a handy set to ensure you give them useful product they will love.  
  2. There are also razor subscriptions like Dollar Shave Club that will send them new, sharp blades that have them looking and feeling their best after each shave.  
  3.  A shower gel like Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser from Sephora brings some minimalist luxury while keeping with their home’s aesthetic. 
  4.  A Clarifying Face Wash from Brickell will enhance their daily hygiene routine by detoxifying and hydrating their face with every wash.  
  5.  A daily face moisturizer with SPF protects the face from sun damage while leaving it moisturized. 
  6.  Finally, a quality beard oil for minimalists who want to keep their facial hair looking its best. 


Clothing must be selected very carefully when buying for a minimalist. Ensure that anything you purchase is good quality, versatile and can be worn frequently.  The perfect clothing gift could include: 

  1. An ethically sourced, quality t-shirt for men from Everlane that is a versatile addition to their wardrobe. 
  2. This Heritage recycled cotton sweatshirt comes in three minimalist colors, and is an item that anyone would be happy to wear regularly. 
  3.  Most men tend to replace socks infrequently, but every man needs a quality set of socks. 


If you choose to buy an accessory for a minimalist, you must choose something that is made to a high standard and can withstand daily use with minimal wear and tear. How about:

  1. This swivel wallet is an excellent option for a modern minimalist who likes adding a little edge to their style. 
  2.  While this thin bifold is the perfect traditional option for the classic minimalist. 
  3. Watches are a fantastic option because they are used daily. MVMT’s legacy slim watch comes in seven colors, has a classic design, and is made from quality materials. If you want a more unique option go for a vintage pocket watch from Dalvey. They make fashionable pocket watches of excellent quality. 
  4. If you want a truly unique option that your minimalist can add to their emergency preparedness kit, check out this respirator mask from Mira. It is compact, versatile, and protects against dust, gas, and viruses. 


If you want to get your minimalist something a little more exciting than a gift card to their favorite restaurant, there are some gourmet cooking options and subscriptions they will love.

  1. Thrive Market has a unique, organic snack subscription.  
  2. Gourmet salts and quality cooking oils would be useful gifts for the minimalist who loves to cook. Or go all in and choose a quality organic meal delivery service. 
  3. Finally, for the wine connoisseur, how about a premium bottle of wine, or go all out with Somm Select’s wine subscription so they can enjoy fine wine all year round. 

Get your minimalist husband the perfect gift! 

The perfect gift will vary depending on what your minimalist enjoys. However, aiming for waste-free gifts that avoid clutter, such as experiences, hygiene items, quality clothing and accessories, or even something edible for the foodie in your life, will ensure you give the perfect gift. 

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