Minimalism with Kids

Raising children in today’s world can be overwhelming. This overwhelm is often caused by a surplus of stuffed animals, toys, and simply having too much


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Ashley, Graphic Design Student

I started reading about the concept of minimalism and eventually got to a point where I wanted to test out whether this could work for

Frederic, Political Strategist

My work is demanding and mentally exhausting so I can’t afford to have petty things draining my already limited energy! I was overwhelmed and looking

Daniel, Retired Engineer

I’m starting a whole new phase of my life: my kids are all grown and out of the house and I just retired at a

Yvonne, Nurse & Mother

As a mom with young twins I desperately needed to learn how to manage everything I have going on in my life (including my children’s

Matthew, Programmer/Entrepreneur

I consider myself a seasoned minimalist so didn’t think these resources would be useful but was curious and figured I’d check it out anyway. Wow